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Cupcake Village homework help please!

please go to the link above and complete the survey, there are 2 pages, and 2 questions under the photos.
please complete in full or it will mess up my results analysis.
and if you can, please pass this on to your friends.
last day to complete this is Friday March 26th.

thank you!!



Introducing my school's very first online blog post. Students of Stern MASS have come together to bring stories of joy and triumph. I know I have this personal blog, but I'm so happy I'm also in my school's Journalism club afterschool. See ya!

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rugby fundraiser

Hello Bloggers!
I know I haven't been on in a long time, been so busy with school and all. I'm graduating this year! woohoo! 2010 will be the first graduating class of my school.
As my final year, there's lots of things to pay for, college applications, exams, senior paraphenelia and events, etc.
I'm in a lot of clubs and for Rugby, we're trying to go to Ireland for Spring Break so we can learn some skills there and even compete against some teams.


meg cabot

Time, and time again, Meg Cabot has proven herself to readers all around her versatility in writing. My favorite book is definitely the first Princess Diaries. I fell in love with it that fateful day in 2001 in the library. It was also the first of my favorite collection of her novels. Publishing more books targeted towards teens, she covers heartbreak and love with ghosts and historical figures. No matter the time period, she still manages to capture the naivety of a young teenage girl (popular and the eccentric) with the utmost intelligence to solve her way through issues. Meg Cabot has never failed to capture my heart through reading her novels.

squash you like a bug!!!

Today I just saw a really cute movie called Earth. It's from Disney and its about these groups of animals: whale, polar bear, and elephant, and their migration. Its really amaziing. I liked the film, plus, because we were VIP, we got free popcorn and drink.
But I was unsatisfied when we walked out across to the Kodak theater. We spotted Bumblebee from Transformers.. well a jerk dressed up as him. We wanted to take a picture, so when we approached him, he just looks at our hands looking for tips. Then rudely say, where's it? You don't know the procedure, move off to the side and be ready with it. So us girls talk to our leader, and he says "Chinese girls, look how it should be done."

Excuse me, but I think you should learn some manners. I was born and raised in LA, in my seventeen years of living, I have never met anyone so ignorant as you. You know, working on the streets in Hollywood, a major tourist attraction, you really gotta watch what comes out of your mouth. For your information, not everyone who is from Asia is Chinese. Get your  facts straight. You could have told us politely about the procedure. Fuck you for being oh so condescending as to say Tips first! And then right when we turn around to say that "Chinese girls, look how the procedure should be." "I guess you people are so used to getting things for free." Well, you know what? We give tips to people who do a good job, for satisfactory service. What you just said right now, you don't deserve my tips. Why don't you go back to school and learn some manners. And while you're at it. Get a real job. Peddling for cash like this is no better than begging for chump change. At least the musicians and other people here use talent to earn cash. And what do you do? You just stand around, walking and waiting for someone to recognize who your character is supposed to be.

Man I wasn't paying much attention when you said it, but cuz this other girl got ticked off at it as well, it got me thinking of how rude you really were. Now I really want to file a complaint. You're an ass. 




Thanks in advance!! =)

Take Me On Music Video

Literal Version. Original Video

He's Just Not That Into You

I am not kidding. This has got to be the BEST movie i have ever seen. This is not like some cheesy romantic comedy. It analyzes how women can be confused in certain situations. Understanding the signals men give on dates. There is nothing I didn't like about it. Except maybe for how the lady bartender/hostess didn't get a guy. But she did get some sort of joy out of how Justin Long's character, Alex was becoming the "rule woman". Eventually he fell for the girl who he was giving advice to about women. Watching the film, you couldn't deny the chemistry that existed between them.

even if i don't go to disneyland tomorrow.

It was absolutely glorious. I am sure I want to buy the movie when it comes out!

Jan. 2nd, 2009

The American Dream: a happy family- stay at home mother, working father, and two wonderful children at school- all living in a large two story building with a fashionable Ford Expedition SUV parked in the two car garage. Everyone is happy...until the economy hit the slumps. Father, a very successful broker lost his job at the stock market company. They had to lay off the best workers because they couldn't handle their high recompensation. He came home early to his wife cleaning the kitchen. "Hi hun! You're mighty early." With a bouqet of roses in one hand and chocolates in the other, her husband manage a smile despite his disheveled facade."I'm sorry, but today our company had to lay off a couple of people. Unfortunately I was one of those few people. I'm so sorry." "Oh honey! That's terrible, how are we going to keep up with our mortgage payments?" "I guess I better start on looking for a new job soon." They left it at that. Three months later, Father finally found a job at the local travel agency as an accountant. He was earning the starting salary, but it was the best he could do at the time. He was lucky to even find somewhere they were hiring. Mother decided she had to take a job in case anything worse could happen. Luckily, they were hiring at the nearby supermarket- specifically, an accountant to handle all the money. Looks like that calculus class finally came in handy. Everyday for nine hours including Saturday, Mother had to take the grueling shifts at the market. Grandmother was welcomed back home to look after the kids afterschool. The local travel agency wasn't very demanding in workers, so he would stay home once in a while. He took care of the kids when he was home. When he returned to work, his fellow male coworkers would taunt him because he was a stay at home dad. He didn't care about what they said. He loved his job.

With America's economy suffering a major recession, people all over the country are losing jobs and homes. Families get hit harder. They have more people to take care of when they lose their jobs. This forces both parents to work as the situation above illustrated. However, all situations do not have such a fortunate ending. It only told one story of many, but families pay a more crucial price when both parents are working. Kids miss out on family time, recognizing Grandma as Babysitting Nana. Some parents need the money to cover bills that they work through sicknesses until they are severely ill.

It isn't surprising to find that parents have decided on hiring nannies and maids to look after their children or clean the house while both parents are working. This is because of the increase of responsibility when it comes to keeping families. There are kids that need to be looked after. Their homes must be closer to schools so they may receive proper education.

Lady GAGa

Although not the most inspiriing singer. She has some very provocative and "hidden but obvious" messages but catchy beat. Wierd.
So familiar. She came out on So You Think You Can Dance and performed also in the Miss Universe. Bad dancing by the contestants...LOL!
The worst song is with New Kids On the Block, Big Girl. So NOT right.

Gets kinda annoying as the more I hear it in a day.